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Technical info:

Size: 1700 x 1200 x 1300h

Net weight: 200 kg

Worktop: 900 mm ±

Production: 600/1800 bph equipped with speed variator on selection star

Motor: 1 Kw

Base model of labelling machine equipped speed variator on selection star.

Designed to apply the following adhesive labels:

  • Label and back label on round bottles of different sizes
  • Label and back label on square bottles of different sizes
  • Neck stripe or year sticker on bottle shoulder

  • Biadhesive DOCG stripe 

Other technical features:

  • Automatic positioning system with true mark for bottles with personalized brands
  • Automatic positioning system for lables based on the position of brand capsules or existing labels
  • With an additional cost the machine can be equipped with step motors, control board with PLC operated through keyboard or with touch screen display for the memorization of up 50 formats of packaging.
  • The labelling heads can be equipped with electrical servo positioners controlled through PLC. Speed packaging memorization allows to reduce the format changing times. 
  • The machine is equipped with an electromechanical emergency stop device (production stop) that automatically activates in case of failure in the automatic packaging cycle or is manually activated in case of maintenance works. 
  • Machines operate with compressed air
  • If not otherwise specified at the moment of order all machines are supplied with plastic chains
  • All machines can be supplied, upon request, with hot printer